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For some reasons, sometimes InfoMigrator could not run properly in your environment. InfoMigrator has some debug logs which is very helpful to identify the cause of the problem.

By default, the Debug log is disabled, only critical errors will be written into debug log file. You may customize the debug log options by clicking the "Options" button at the bottom of the InfoMigrator main window.

The debug log setting dialog box is shown as below:

In this dialog box, you can:

  • Enable or disable debug log.

  • Set the debug log detail level. The lower the level is, the more detail will InfoMigrator record its debug log.

  • View the debug log file folder or the debug log file name and content. To view the detail content, just click the "..." buttons.

  • When we need the debug log file, please kindly enable the debug log, open the debug log folder and send the debug log file to us. And since the debug log file could be large, you may compress the file to zip before sending it.

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