What is InfoMigrator Golden Key

InfoMigrator Golden Key is not a special software, it is a special license key for all InfoMigrator software.

It means that after you register any InfoMigrator software using the golden key, you won't be asked to register other InfoMigrator software any more, you may simply download and install any other InfoMigrator software title, then run them without any limitation.

Currently, there are seven InfoMigrator software titles in the InfoMigrator series. In the future, we may release new InfoMigrator products and InfoMigrator Golden Key will keep supporting the new products.

So, one time fee will get life time free upgrade and new products.

And the InfoMigrator Golden Key is not expensive, the one-user license price is $49.95, less than twice of any InfoMigrator software ($29.95). So if you do need more than one InfoMigrator software, InfoMigrator Golden Key is definitely the right choice.

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