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InfoMigrator for Outlook provides a step by step wizard to let you migrate information from Palm Desktop to Outlook easily:

  • Step 1: Please choose "Palm Desktop" as the source application and select appropriate types of information to migrate to Outlook.

    You may migrate Palm Desktop Contacts, Calendar events, Todos and Notes information to Outlook.

  • Step 2: You may specify the Outlook settings in this step.

    For example, setup custom field mappings for Contacts migration.

  • Step 3: You may specify the Palm Desktop access settings in this step.

    For example, Palm Desktop user ID or the exact Palm Desktop data file name, etc.

  • Step 4: Choose the Palm Desktop records to migrate to Outlook.

    InfoMigrator for Outlook is flexibile to use, you may choose all or any Palm Desktop records to Outlook as you wish. You may simply select all or all the different records to Outlook by clicking the buttons below.

    The different records are marked with different colors. New records are marked with green, modified records are marked with blue. If the records are same in Palm Desktop and Outlook, they are in black color and will not be migrated by default.

  • Step 5: Finish the migration and check the migration result.

    Once you confirm the record selections in the last step and press the "Next" button, the migration process will start.

    When the migration is finished, you may see the migration results in this step. You may see how many Palm Desktop records are migrated to Outlook. You may also get a detail migration log and open Outlook program in this step.

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